Summary of Squidoo Changes – My Plan Moving Forward

As I mentioned in my previous post, I deleted ALL of my Squidoo lenses because I needed to start from scratch. My favorite lenses were locked and I was tired of the whole thing.

Now, I need to figure out how to move forward and learn how to use the site again. I always liked it. I always will. At least I think I still will. Given how I, a former Giant Squid, has ultimately been forced to delete all my remaining lenses, I am not yet sure there is anything left to like.

Squidoo, prove it to me. What the heck happened to you?

In an effort to find out what happened, I thought I’d search online. I found this post on Squid Bits, a blog put out by Squidoo user, GreekGeek. It gives a summary of all the changes and is a good start for figuring out what to do to move forward.

Vaguely, I do have a plan.

  1. Complete any Squidoo quests.
  2. Participate in the community again.
  3. Write about what I enjoy.
  4. Be conservative about monetizing until I figure out how to do it without aggravating them.

It really doesn’t look like much of a plan does it? It’s mostly common sense. But – it’s all I know and it’s at least a good start. By the end of this day, I want to have one Squidoo lens up and running. I’ll keep writing and seeing what my results are until I feel I’ve figured it out. I think people are still enjoying themselves and making money there, right?

My goal is to make $500 a month with Squidoo. That would really help out with my finances.

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