Squidoo Evolution Review – Part 3

One thing I am enjoying so far about Squidoo Evolution is Kelly Stone’s devotion to keeping things ethical on Squidoo. Right from the beginning, she tells us to play by Squidoo’s rules. I’ve been devoted to Squidoo for a long time and it upsets me to see people try to take advantage of the site.

But then, I already knew that she would be ethical because of Squidoo Queen.

I have to tell you, I am only on Page 10 and I already know I like this better than Squidoo Queen. It makes so much more sense and is a lot simpler to implement.

Anyway, another thing I love about Squidoo Evolution is that she tends to share links directing us to helpful information straight from the Squidoo website. Rather than take the time to explain policy, acceptable lens topics, and how Squidoo shares their earnings she links to it right to the source. It makes her ebook seem a lot more credible.

I am just itching to get started. All my old and annoying lenses are deleted and I have 14 left. I am looking forward to building up my account again with lenses that I can feel excited about.

So, after reading through the introduction stuff (just a few pages) and feeling a slight panic that perhaps my state won’t allow Amazon Affiliates (unfounded – I live in New Hampshire where no sales tax is collected) I am ready to begin finding a niche to write in.

I love how she wants us to keep this step simple while at the same time being highly effective.

After a few minutes of research using her advice, I believe I have found a good niche to work with. Then, I spent an additional few minute looking for keywords that meet her criteria. So far, I love how simple her method is. I initially got frustrated with the keyword part until I got the hang of thinking in terms of her criteria. Now, I have a solid keyword phrase that I can use. And really, it didn’t take long to do. Maybe ten minutes?

The next few pages don’t apply to me. She tells us about setting up a Squidoo account (I already have one) and setting up our profile on the site (I did that ages ago). However, this section did remind me that my profile is a bit outdated. So, I just spent some time doing that. By the way, I can’t believe I’ve never set up Google Analytics or Twitter on my account.

I had some trouble finding a URL for my lens that wasn’t taken but thanks to her quick tips, I was able to resolve my problem.

One of the problems that I often find with methods that bill themselves as “easy” is that they are often incomplete. I am finding the opposite to be the case with Squidoo Evolution.  The fact that I was able to use her tips and advice to resolve a minor problem I was having (register the URL for my Squidoo lens) tells me that she is concerned with creating as detailed of a product as possible.

Right now, I am a little less than halfway through the ebook and I am feeling very confident. I need a break because I am getting hungry and my foot fell asleep but I plan to continue working on my lenses and another installation of this review later.




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