Make Money at Squidoo – Navigating the Changes

I have no idea what happened to Squidoo. I signed up for an account “back in the day” pretty much right when they got started. For years, I was a Giant Squid. Life was good because Squidoo and I were buddies.

What the heck happened to them?

Yes yes, I know. Google Slap. Changes. Bla bla bla. All I know is that I, a former Giant Squid, has no idea what is going on. I used to think the site was fun and now i think it’s a nightmare.

I just deleted all my existing lenses. Squidoo has officially become my next project.

The truth is, I still like the site quite a bit. I just haven’t kept up with all the changes. I WANT to make money at that site again. I also want to do it ethically and according to their new policies, whatever the heck they are.

So my next goal is to figure all that out.

What is my goal?

Simply put, I want to figure out how to make money there again and develop new relationships and connections.

How quickly can I make a consistent $500 a month here?

I know, I know – I should have my own web properties. You see, I do have my own web properties. I just want to do this simply because I like the site.

What is my first step?

My first order of business is to complete the challenges I have in my queue. That is a good start, right? Maybe they will give me insight as to the types of content they embrace now.

And, I will socialize and comment on people’s lenses. What types of things are people publishing nowadays?

I want to show that I can adapt. I like to have articles up on sites like these so I can show clients. If, for nothing else, I am looking at this as a portfolio building exercise that may possibly make me money.

I’ll keep you posted.


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