Guide to Cashing in On Shiny New Object Syndrome Review Part 2

I have this feeling that I am actually a little bit more strapped for cash than I originally thought. That means I have to get things in my business rolling so that I can move one step closer to success.

Reading through the Guide to Cashing in on Shiny New Object Syndrome is a part of this puzzle. I am actually looking forward to the process of testing and implementing all those products that I’ve purchased.

This is my final post for this product because I want to finish reading it today. I am about halfway through and I paused from reading so I could offer my thoughts.

I like Tiffany’s candid style for delivering her reviews. I always have. In fact, that is the number one reason why I bought this ebook in the first place – that and the fact that I want a solution to my tendencies to flit from thing to thing and not really focus on anything.

So, in the text, she encourages us to be candid and honest and if I don’t have the cojones to do that then I shouldn’t be using this method.

Okay fair enough. I like that idea. In real life I have a tendency to say what’s on my mind so why not in my blog life as well?

The first chapter of the book after the intro is devoted to teaching us how to set up our blogs. She talks about hosting and domain registration (agreed, Godaddy and Hostgator are the best!) and then proceeds to offer a very helpful step by step guide to setting it up, including information about plugins and widgets. If that didn’t make sense, don’t worry – it will once you read that section.

I was bored because I already knew how to do it, so I skipped that part. I did skim it though and I saw just enough to find a plugin that I hadn’t been using. Thanks Tiff! That looks like a good one.

The next part talks about promoting the product I am reviewing. Concerning logical flow, I didn’t like it there. I am a little concerned that I will forget to go back once I start reviewing the next product and that I won’t remember to put the banner anywhere at all because I’ve already read that part.

I sincerely hope that I remember to go back because that looks like an important section. I do see why she put it in that chapter – because the chapter dealt with website stuff. But I won’t be ready to deal with it until I’ve truly started my review and that won’t come until later.

Okay this post is a bit long. I think I am going to need one more and then I’ll be done. Interesting, I thought she didn’t have an affiliate program for this ebook but she does. I am going to sign off on this post and go back through and pop my affiliate link here and there (disclaimer) and there might be a banner or something as well.

So I can go back and follow the advice about where to put the banners and stuff. Seriously, how did I miss it that she has an affiliate center? I am so happy she put it in the ebook.

Okay never mind, I can’t find any banners. But now I need to go and do something else, so I will close this post out and continue it later.

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