Ghostwriting Cash Update and Final Post

Over the course of the past few weeks, I have taken to hear the things I learned in Ghostwriting Cash and applied them to my business and I’ve learned a few things about myself in the process.

First of all, I have learned that since I have been a ghostwriter for a really long time, I found that trying to implement the strategies as is held me back a little bit. I am not saying the product isn’t good for people like me – it is – but I tried to run the experiment as if I was a beginner.

In the end, I couldn’t allow myself to accept work that had me at $5 or $10 a page because I am well past that point. So I placed some bids on a freelance site and ended up retracting them because the client wouldn’t have paid what my time is worth.

I have to say that I feel very, very confident about winning work on these sites – or winning work in general. I always did but since I hadn’t used the bid sites in several years I was a little rusty. Now, I am at about a 50% success rate at winning bids at the site I chose to work through. Thanks to her strategies.

As an update on my Ghostwriting Career as a whole, I have taken a different approach than what is even covered in this product. I have found success applying for jobs through Craigslist and applying for freelance or temporary onsite jobs at companies in the local area.

In particular, I discovered that Boston is a really great city for the creative services and I’ve allied myself with several agencies out here. One of them, Creative Circle, is very promising. I predict I’ll start getting work through them soon.

It is much, much easier to find work by going through an agency or joining a writing team, an approach I have taken for years. Winning bids and scouring work on my own is very time consuming and I would rather spend my efforts working on my blogs rather than finding work.

So, I leave you with this. I learned a lot from Ghostwriting Cash and I think Tiffany has a valuable product. In the end, I know that some of her strategies won’t work for me and I have taken things in a different direction than what she teaches. But I recommend this product to anyone who wants to get set up as a ghostwriter online. I wish I had something like this at my disposal when I got started.

Here is a list of all the posts I made in my Ghostwriting Cash review series.

Stay tuned for more reviews. I am in the process reviewing PLR ATM and I think I may do another review simultaneously involving Squidoo. I haven’t decided which.

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