Ghostwriting Cash Review Part 8

This is the eighth part of my Ghostwriting Cash review. I know, this review is getting long. At the end I’ll post a summary with a list of all the previous posts in case you just want to skip to the end.

I just compiled a list of tasks that I need to go back and do – things that will take some time to build up to or that I need to go back to because for whatever reason I skipped it. Most of the time, I skipped it because one step build on the other, and I hadn’t finished the first step yet.

For instances, I can’t promote my ghostwriting site until I actually have a site up and running. (I do have a site in case you are wondering – I was just using that as an example.)

Now, I am at a section where she is talking about dealing with feedback. This is a valuable section, too, because it taught me something new. I don’t know why – but I didn’t always respond to my feedback when using the site I chose. She offers a lot of valuable tips and hints for feedback, too, including advice on dealing with difficult situations.

Next is a section on promoting your ghostwriting website which is really valuable. What saved me a lot of time is that my site is all set up and ready to go. The version of Ghostwriting Cash that I have included videos for setup which I worked through but this was several months ago. I found it helpful, as I recall.

Having my site set up is saving me some time, that’s for sure. It took me a while to have it the way I wanted it, too.

Then she offered some fun suggestions for offering specials. It seems like specials are the way to go when the need for cash is immediate. I think I may do one of these ideas soon. I have some bills to pay!

I am now on the second to last section of the book on what to do if your ghostwriting growth is too much. This isn’t my situation right now – my client list is very manageable. But, if it ever turns into my situation, I’ll revisit this. It is a short section but very thorough.

Last section! This is about how to take my writing and turn it into a marketing business. This is a very fun section for me. While I don’t plan on stopping ghostwriting any time soon (or maybe ever because I like it) I do want to make my income more stable with residual sources.

This section is very short but it provides a good jumping off point for me. In the near future, I am going to start developing my own info products, my own PLR site, and do some affiliate marketing.

In fact, I’ve already started doing affiliate marketing. For instance, when I mentioned Ghostwriting Cash at the beginning of this post, it contained an affiliate link.

I will address each of these business models by reviewing more products. My next review is going to be Tiffany Dow’s PLR ATM. It seemsĀ  like a logical next step for a ghostwriter. I have a good domain reserved, too.

The verdict:

So you are probably wondering if I liked Ghostwriting Cashor not. I do like it, quite a bit. Even though I am not a fan of the outsourcing sites, there is enough information and ideas here for me to get clients using other methods.

The one thing that I really appreciated about this is how honest and helpful she is. I felt like I was in a university level course being taught how to be a ghostwriter from someone who was making six figures. In other words, this wasn’t a sterile resource. She infused her personality and wisdom inside of it.

I feel like I can turn my financial situation around pretty quickly, as long as I follow the steps. I am looking the most forward to rounding out he ghostwriting by building residual income sources.




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2 thoughts on “Ghostwriting Cash Review Part 8

  1. I bought this product, but haven’t reviewed, read, or implemented it yet.

    I love Tiff’s product so it was important to me to own it before I did a review.

    So, you like it? What part do you like the most?

    1. Yes I did. I like her no nonsense approach the best because it gave me the confidence to try some things I hadn’t thought of before or that I haven’t done in a while.

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