Ghostwriting Cash Review Part 7

I enjoy ghostwriting – even ghostwriting for others. I’ve definitely been enjoying my time reviewing this Ebook because I feel it is going to help me tremendously.

Though I do need residual income, I love working for others so even after the review for  GhostwritingCash is over I am sure I will continue to use the strategies.

Still, I am still getting over the incident from the other day with that really nasty potential client.  Most people who want you to do rewrites expect a bargain. I also feel as if it’s unethical. The job poster made it sound like I was rewriting something that she wrote, but as it turns out, I think it may have been ripped off.

I logged in today to the site to place more bids according to Tiffany’s advice but I didn’t see any projects worth bidding on. This is all par for the course. It depends on the day. See, no hard feelings, right? It wasn’t the site’s fault.In all of my years of being online, I have never run into anything that bad so that isn’t enough to deter me from my goal of generating a good income as a ghostwriter.

To get myself prepared for maybe using the Internet Marketing forum to find clients, I’ve been participating there. I am enjoying it and learning a lot about internet marketing from them. People have been super helpful. Maybe something will come of it.

I feel I need to interact more, though, before using it to look for clients.

I am now reading the section on setting prices for your work. This, to me, is the most valuable section in the ebook because it’s been such a problem for me. She has a lot of great advice in this section. I can’t wait to apply it at my next opportunity!

I have to leave to run an errand. I’ll probably write another post later. I am hoping to wrap up my review soon.


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