Ghostwriting Cash Review Part 6

Well, that was incredibly stressful and this review post may turn into a rant. As a disclaimer, it isn’t Tiffany Dow’s fault. At all. It is one particular idiot’s fault that just nearly ruined me for posting at the bid sites. I know that this is a big part of being a freelance ghostwriter¬† but… ugh!

I found the sections in the ebook explaining how to navigate these freelance bid sites like or to be very helpful. Even empowering. But this one potential client may have turned what was promising to be a very pleasant experience into … not exactly a nightmare but it was definitely upsetting.

So, I read a whole bunch of sections in the Ghostwriting Cash and things, frankly, have been going great. She does offer several methods that have been effective for getting clients and I am eager to implement them. Right now, I am working on the bid sites.

Based on her advice, I jacked up my profile at the bid site I used to use and I started placing some bids. Overall, I feel confident and happy if not a little frightened by the idea of taking on ghostwriting at the bid sites.

I am so far removed from these places I forgot that even though the majority of people on the site are honest and pleasant, there are some that are not honest, not pleasant, or a terrible combination of the two.

When I finally got up the courage to start using the site again (and I had quit because I got burned out from writing for others) I was exposed to my first really confusing/upsetting situation.

I am just SO thankful that there is a “retract your bid” button. It saved me in this instance.

First of all, the job poster said that it was a proofreading gig. So I thought, okay, I am not the greatest at proofreading but I do need the money. So I placed a bid. The client pm’d me and gave me this academic document – it looked like a thesis. Turns out, she wanted me to rewrite it.

What the f?

When I tried to ask her questions, she got really hostile. “No, you aren’t listening to me. Hello, are you there? Hello? You need to listen to me.”

In all my time online, I have never encountered anyone so unpleasant.

Should I take this as a sign that this isn’t the right path for me, or am I just supposed to press on and learn something from it?

On the bright side, I contacted the help desk to complain about the situation and I needed help figuring out how to retract the bid. Of course, I think the dud client wanted me to do the work for free, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the academic paper were stolen from someone.

Honestly, if it weren’t for Tiffany’s advice in this ebook I likely would have done something stupid, like kept the bid up and tried to complete the project. Her thorough explanations on how to handle myself at these places gave me the “guts” to stand up for myself and do what I needed to do.

I am going to work on another method for getting clients. That was kind of a disaster. Will I revisit it? I haven’t decided yet.

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