Ghostwriting Cash Review Part 5

I really need to get things rolling with my Ghostwriting Cash review because I have another product I want to test next – PLR ATM which is also by Tiffany Dow. The thing is, I think that selling PLR is a good way to get me to make some extra cash. I love doing this kind of writing and can’t wait to share my writing with my customers and clients on a wider scale.

But you see? I do have a problem skipping from one thing to the other. I need to focus so I can finish this and make it a success.

Today I am finishing up getting myself set up to start bidding on projects. I chose two sites to focus on and I need to finish up my profiles on both of these sites. Once my profiles are set up I can start bidding.

I am really not a believer in this, however. I’ve used these sites in the past and they weren’t all that lucrative.

What I like about her advice, though, is that it is making me feel like I can do it – that I CAN make it work for me. So, I am working on faith – the faith that Tiffany Dow has with her readers. She makes it sound so doable. I tell myself not to get frustrated and to just sit and do it.

Also, thanks to her advice, I am starting to do more in terms of networking and getting my name out there as a ghostwriter. I think it is important to have several methods in the pot for finding clients. The theory is, if I work these methods all at once then I will increase my likelihood of finding success as a ghostwriter.

What I really need to do is make money as quickly as possible so that I can be independent as quickly as possible. I feel that this product will help me with that. I haven’t secured any new clients yet but I do feel as if I am on my way.

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