Ghostwriting Cash Review Part 3

I love the tagline that Tiffany selected for Ghostwriting Cash - “Earn While You Learn”. Sounds good to me!

As a background, I am a freelance writer and I need to make more money. But my ultimate goal is to make money through my multiple income streams. I feel as if this product will set me up with a good online writing business that will easily springboard me into various residual income streams.

I have high expectations of what this ebook will teach me and allow me to accomplish.

In the intro she is quick to point out that there are no “magical” ways to make money online. It takes a business plan. It takes work. I know this, but I love it when people with more experience than me point this out.

One problem that I have had over the years is charging clients what my writing is actually worth. I am experienced. I should be getting $30 or more per page. This is my hope – that I will sort out how to do that as I work through this product.

As I am reading through the beginning chapter, I am struck by how much sense this makes. Learn the ins and outs of internet marketing while writing for the people I want to become. Learn while I earn. Nice – I can’t wait.

Going through the beginning is a little tedious because I’ve read the eBook already and I am also not a beginner. So, I know a lot of this stuff. But, she needs to go over this information for the people who haven’t read the ebook yet and for those who are complete beginners. One thing this section has been good for is that it points out the things that I need to work on in order to be a stronger writer and business owner.

You should know that while I’ve been doing this review, I’ve been highly distracted. The room I am writing in is a total mess. Also, I’ve so far made plans for dinner on Thursday and am negotiating an outing with my sister and cousins to see New Kids on the Block and other boy bands from Back Then. All while listening to Gypsy Jazz.

I am now at the part where I need to start working on getting myself going at the bid sites and this is the part that, frankly, scares me.



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