Working Online at Home Diary – An Update

work online at homeWhile working from home, one of the the things that I have struggled with is maintaining my focus. I know that when I focus, I achieve great things. Consistency is the most important element of finding success. In other words, it is important to not only have a plan, but to follow that plan and not allow distractions.

I allow distractions. All the time. For example, as I was writing this post I got a phone call. Rather than finish what I was doing I ended up answering the call. Call over, I am now having trouble remembering what I was even writing. See, losing focus causes a loss of productivity.

So, that’s the first thing I am focusing on. Setting goals, eliminating distractions, and achieving them.

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Blogging With John Chow Review – Finally Make Money Blogging

make money bloggingI just purchased Blogging with John Chow.

After taking a glance at it, I am both excited and second guessing myself when it comes to blogging thanks to this product. Yes, I’ve been a blogger since 2005. Yes, I’ve made money at it. But you know what? Thus far, it hasn’t been enough to support myself.

Now, here’s a man who has been hugely successful with his own blogging efforts. After reading the introduction to the product and taking a peak at the modules, I can tell that the product is going to be very helpful. But, whenever I find someone who is good at this, really good at this, I can’t help but feel a little bit jealous. Only a small part of me, though. The rest is set and ready to work

For the price, I expected a 40 page eBook. Even though I haven’t gotten started, I can tell that he over delivered. There’s nine modules AND a 30 day action plan for success. I would have purchased this product for the 30 day action plan ALONE. There are also a few bonuses, including a bonus video – all with very helpful information.

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Fiverr Gig Spotlight – I Will Write 5 PLR Articles

write plrMost of us who are internet marketers know what PLR (private label rights) articles are. I’ve both used them and created them. One disadvantage that using these articles has is that there could be multiple copies floating around on the internet. This means that if you use those articles in their pure, unchanged state you will not be the only one.

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Residual Income Project – Earning a Real Living Online

Have you dreamed of making a solid living online? I’ve had my writing career and online business since 2002 and I have made my money doing anything from writing for magazines, clients, and from my own blogs. When I had to move back home because of my divorce, it became all too clear how broke I really was.

Getting a “Real” Job

So, I did what most people in my situation normally do – I looked for a job. When I couldn’t find one, I decided to apply at the mall at a clothing store – I made a dollar per hour above minimum wage.

The job served its purpose and ran its course. I needed something to make extra cash at the time and to get me out of the house and into the world. When it ran its course I gave my notice. That brings me to today.

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How to Be More Productive

I need a plan on how to be more productive and more focused with my business. Now that 2014 is well underway, it’s time to sit down and think about not only what I want, but also how I will get there.

What I want.

To be fully self supporting from my online website income.

How I will get there.

By using the 60 Minutes to $100 Days method to set up sites on topics I am passionate about.

Extra skills I will need.

That’s where this blog post comes into play. I need greater productivity. I already have a plan that will get me to my goal of $5000 a month. The next step is to be more productive.

Here are some ways I will boost my productivity.

  1. Setting daily productivity goals.
  2. Being diligent about working my plan for at least one hour each day.
  3. Sticking with the plan and not deviating.
  4. Having a set routine.
  5. Eliminating distractions.

The one I really need to work on? That would be “eliminating distractions.” Even now, as I write this blog post, I am watching an episode of New Girl. This post has taken me over an hour (before this I watched Brooklyn 99). Since it is a commercial break, I am finally typing.

Clearly, I have a problem. On the bright side, I love this show – New Girl is one of my favorites.

Productivity Action Step:

Tomorrow as I sit down to work on my blogs I will do so in my bedroom where my desk is. I will set the timer for 60 minutes. I won’t move. How much can I get done before the timer goes off? Hopefully a lot. My goal is to to be self supporting with my online business by April 1.

I’ll keep you guys posted.


Katherine :-D


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Making Money with Amazon – Success Update

In my last post I shared that I have been using the Amazon Associates program to help boost my online income. My method is to start websites on topics I enjoy. My current site is about hiking but I plan to start sites on other topics that I’m passionate about.

As a quick update, I am using the $60 Minutes to $100 Days system in order to help me achieve my goals. It’s simple and very straightforward and I’ve been seeing results so I’ll stick with it.

Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I just logged into Amazon and I feel that things are moving in the right direction. I made around $44 on this site in the month of November. My goal for November is to make $100 on Amazon.

I know, it doesn’t seem like a lot and I have made more in the past. But, it’s an off peak time for hiking gear so I am thrilled. I am hoping that Christmas gift related articles that I’ll be posting on the blog will drive traffic to Amazon from my site and people will do some Christmas shopping using my affiliate link.


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Success Online Using the Amazon Affiliate Program

I’ve spent a lot of money on things like courses and couching on how to find success online. This has been going on since 2007 and for some reason, I haven’t been able to focus on anything or latch onto something that I either enjoyed or that worked.

Because of my divorce, I discovered that I really need the money.

Prior to discovering that I could make money on the internet, I was a freelance writer. Over the course of my career I have learned this about myself:

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I Will Start Blogging My Success

I am going through a divorce which means that I need to become financially stable as soon as possible. I took a job over the summer in retail. I still like it. However, there are some aspects of the job that aren’t ideal.

I won’t go into detail but the number one problem I have is that my time isn’t 100% my own. In my ten years of self employment, I enjoyed full freedom over my time and how I spent it. I could go on vacation when I wanted. I could go to a concert if I felt like it. I don’t have to ask someone else for time off which is really, really annoying.

Self employment beats working for someone else even though I do like my job.

How long will I work at this job? I don’t know because I enjoy how the job gets me out of the house. I have no immediate plans to leave. However, I do know that as soon as I am making enough money I will at le0ast consider moving on to focus on my business 100% of the time.

My goal is to consistently make $5000-$10000 a month for a consistent period of time before I will even think about it. And, things begin with this blog. I will be using this space to discuss my methods and progress with you. I will try to post here a few times a week to give you all updates on my success.

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Halloween PLR – Make Money This Halloween

Are you thinking of using Halloween PLR this year? As an affiliate marketer, I know that it can be very lucrative to highlight seasonal content and therefore sell (or presell) products that go with it. Usually, I focus on Christmas where there is more than enough business to share.

But, did you know that Halloween is an $8 Billion Dollar industry? That means that there is also a lot of money to be made, especially for affiliates, during this time of year.

Costume sales, for example, are popular not only for kids who need something for school, parties, and for trick or treating, but for adults, too. People also buy Halloween decorations to get their homes party or trick-or-treat ready. Another aspect of the market is through ticket sales for the various haunted attractions.

The Halloween buying season happens from around mid-August right up until Halloween. Now that school has started and Back-to-School shopping is over, the next thing people are concerned with is Halloween.

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Summary of Squidoo Changes – My Plan Moving Forward

As I mentioned in my previous post, I deleted ALL of my Squidoo lenses because I needed to start from scratch. My favorite lenses were locked and I was tired of the whole thing.

Now, I need to figure out how to move forward and learn how to use the site again. I always liked it. I always will. At least I think I still will. Given how I, a former Giant Squid, has ultimately been forced to delete all my remaining lenses, I am not yet sure there is anything left to like.

Squidoo, prove it to me. What the heck happened to you?

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